Dream Journey Workshop for March 2023:
Wednesdays at 7:00pm ET


Unopened Love Letters


CG Jung called dreams love letters from your Soul. Since we are on soul journeys, why wouldn’t we take all the direction we can possibly get from our Divine Unconscious Center?

Half your life is spent sleeping and messages pour in during your dreams – but mostly we ignore them. Maybe they just seem a jumble to you, or you struggle to remember them.

But the Divine sent you to earth with all you need for a fulfilling life and keeps sending you signs, symbols, and guidance every day and every night.

Open to beginning and ongoing students, we explore dream analysis, our soul compass, and the royal road of our dreams, where so many secrets to our happiness lie.

Our guides are CG Jung, Seth/Jane Roberts, Maria Louise Von Franz, Lucid Dreamers everywhere, and most importantly, your own Unconscious Mind coming through your personal dreams.

We’ll use Active Imagination to consult your dream images and read the symbols and signs of your dreams — as well as the ones showing up every day in your waking life.

Go deep or just listen: share as much or as little as you want in this very fun and interactive workshop.


$135 for 4 Wednesdays in March,
Live Via Zoom