Tarot Readings

“Readings give us different insights that allow new stories and identities to emerge, and show the mythic story at the heart of our lives.”

  • Nancy Antenucci & Melanie Howard, Psychic Tarot

I believe our lives feel very much like a long path, a mythic journey, and we face choices at almost every step.  Our will is free but our feet are on the ground and how we get the two (Mind and Body) to move in harmony is a daily challenge.

When I was first asked to do a Tarot reading over the internet, I was skeptical.  How would I connect with the seeker?  How could I know what messages to relay?  Even I was astounded at how easily those obstacles were overcome and how accurate my long-distance readings have become.   

There are many trendy names for what I do while reading the Tarot long-distance: Collective Unconscious, Akashic Records, Astral Plane, etc.  In personal terms, I believe there are universal truths that connect us all.  When reading for a client, I meditate on the universal (Spirit), focus my energy from there on answering the question, and then shuffle for the client’s answer.  The real magic is in the focus and my daily practice allows me to create and use this clarified head space to help other seekers through the Tarot.

I use a 3-Card Tarot Spread that shows what energy needs to be released, what forces should be gathered, and the answer to the seeker’s question.  I find that the simple pyramid the spread forms acts as a signpost pointing myself and those I read for in the best possible directions.  The 3-Card Tarot Spread also offers insight into how to balance Mind, Body, & Spirit in order to move forward on your path with ease!

Custom Tarot Reading

Your choice of three decks: Tarot Mucha, Santa Muerte, or Golden Tarot for a photographed personalized 3-Card Tarot Reading. Added charms and crystals will counter-balanced or enhance the cards’ message & magic. Make sure to include your email* and your question!


(The Star from each deck shown from left to right: Tarot Mucha, Santa Muerte, & Golden)


See what the cards reveal!

Receive a beautiful photo plus interpretation of your own personalized 3-Card Tarot Reading. Deck used is Tarot de Marseille. Make sure to include your email* and your question!


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